15-16 lipca 2017r. w Odessie odby?o si? seminarium w Karate Kontaktowym — Sokarate

15-16 July 2017 in Odessa under the leadership of the President of World Sokarate Organization of Shihan Andi Rekunov(Poland) was held training seminar on Sokarate for representatives of the Southern region of Ukraine.
The seminar was attended by instructors from Odessa, Izmail and Bolgrad.
For two days was discussed the main organizational issues and programs. The first part of the seminar was mainly the oretical, simulated competition rules, the kyu and dan test program — syllabus, adoption of a schedule of events in the Southern region of Ukraine and more…
On the second day seminar was held Dan-test, which has been awarded master degrees: Sergey Tsoi — 4th Dan, Denis Mazur — 3rd Dan, Max Gorodetsky — 3rd Dan, Sergey Lukashevich — 2nd Dan, Vitaliy Romaniv — 1st Dan.
All participants are given the test have passed the examination, which included physical activity, theory and full-contact fights — the Jissen Kumite. The exam was not easy, but all candidates coped with this task perfectly!
In conclusion, the President of the World Sokarate Organization Shihan Andi Rekunov, the Supreme Advisor of the World Sokarate Organization & President of the Ukrainian Sokarate Federation Shihhan Oleg Shilyaev, and President of the All-Ukrainian All-styles Martial Arts Federation Sensei Sergei Tsoi noted the high quality of instructors of Ukrainian Sokarate Federation and congratulated all on the successful passage of the given test.

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